December 15 / Proverbs 15 / John 8


Proverbs 15

  • Accept correction
  • Take instruction
  • Embrace reproof
  • Learn from others
  • Know yourself by listening to those who know you
  • Seek wise counsel
  • Gain wisdom thru intentional pursuit of it
These are the ways to a life of wisdom. A quality life.
A long life, not merely in number of years, but in depth of fulness.
You can live a good, long life in just 33 years…or so I’ve heard.

John 8:47
The one who is from God speaks God’s words.
Jesus was the purest conduit to God. Which is why His Father said to listen to Him. Jesus told Martha that her sister had done the one thing needed. She listened to Him.
Tozer said to “Listen to the man who listens to God.” What else is there? Isn’t that what we really want? The greatest preacher points you to God, not himself.
I want to hear from the Source, not vain philosophies or viewpoints of men. We talk about meeting great or famous people. But what about meeting with the One who created them??? This is what Jesus gave us open access to.
The pure & godly minister will seek above all to communicate the heart of God to people. He won’t care about people seeing his viewpoint, or thinking him brilliant or clever. He just cares about people coming to God and to be the purest conduit he can be. He does not care who gets the credit, only that people are healed of their soul sickness thru Jesus.
“I am the healer. I want to heal you. But you must come to me, not anything or anyone else. Though I will use people to bring you to me. You will know who they are, for they speak my words, not their own.”



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