August 28 / Proverbs 28 / Luke 15

comforting lies line

Proverbs 28:23

Those who correct others will later be liked more than those who give false praise. 

If we love someone, we will correct them from a destructive path.
If someone is in a building we know is getting ready to collapse,
we don’t care what they think of us, we just care that they get the
hell out of there.
Too many times we are afraid not to offend, or that someone
won’t be happy with us or what we have to say..this results in
the travesty of precious people living life unchallenged, therefore
not growing, and staying on their path that leads to inevitable
destruction of their lives and many times lives around them.
To flatter and say everything is ok when it is not, this is not ok.
If we care about someone, we will gently, lovingly correct them.
Not correcting them shows we don’t really care about them,
for we care more about protecting ourselves & what they think of
us than helping them to life abundant.

Luke 15:31
“My son, you are always with me, everything I have is yours.”
Do I love God, or His gifts more?
Is He enough for me, truly?
My dad would say to me, “Rob, if you need more than Jesus to be happy, then something is wrong.”
All 7 billion of us are infinitely loved, unconditionally…God loves none of them more than me, or less than me.
Asking why someone has something I don’t is not trusting YHWH as ultimately wise & loving.
Asking “Why me?” is setting foot on a very dangerous and pointless path to uber unhappiness.


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