April 12 / Proverbs 12 / Matthew 12

Proverbs 12:3,10,12

When you are rooted in God, in goodness, you are holistically a good person. Goodness pervades your whole being. You are not fragmented anymore, nice to some people, unkind to others. ┬áPr.12:10 says you will even be kind to animals. If you are a nice guy to everyone, but come home and kick your dog upside down, or like to torment cats, then it’s a good bet you are not fully filled with the Holy Spirit, that you are not rooted in righteousness. Jesus is kind to all. Are you?

Matthew 12:1-14

What are we allowed to do on the Sabbath? Does it still apply? Are we suppose to practice Sabbath in 2014?

You know, it is so easy to look at this passage with our hindsight, and look down on these religious rule-keepers for being so legalistic about the Sabbath.

But do any of us really even keep Sabbath at all? I don’t think we need to pour over this passage in study as much as we need to ask ourselves why we’re not taking advantage of this God-given gift and loving mandate.

We seem to be more concerned about tithing than Sabbath. Why is that? Why are we so opposed to taking a 24 hour break every week to shut down and rest in our Creator?

It is a wonderful gift for us that our brains and bodies need. God designed us to take a break, it’s just science. If we are on the go seven days a week, always doing things and even serving others or what not, it is probably not because YHWH asks us to. It is something we unnecessarily, and I’d even venture to say, sinfully (?) put on ourselves.

Take a break with YHWH every week. It is good to be with the King.

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