6.29.15–>”Even If You Give Up”


Yesterday at Trinity Church we had baptisms.

It was very moving to hear the stories of the “baptizees'” journey and reason for participating in this public sacrament.

One of the men had asked his wife to read his story, which spoke of his walking away from God, and being without faith in God for many years, before recently turning back around, and recommitting himself to Christ, and to leading his family in Christ from this day forward. He had told me a week ago that he was a straight up atheist for something like ten years until these past few months or so. Then he experienced love through the community of their Fountain Square neighbors after having moved here from out of state. He was “loved into the kingdom” we might say.


And just before he was immersed in the water, he said,

“I just want to say one thing to everybody here. I am a living testament that you can give up, but you are never given up on.”


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