6.20.15–>”Work & Abiding”

Since his only means of going to God was to do everything out of love for Him, it did not matter to him what work he was given to do, provided that he did it for God. It was God, not the work, that he considered. He knew that the more such work crossed his natural inclinations, the more valuable was the love that made him offer it to God. He knew that the pettiness of the thing did not diminish in any way the value of his offering, because God, having need of nothing, considers only the love that accompanies the work.

-Joseph de Beaufort speaking on Brother Lawrence’s way of life

Let everyone who professes to be a Christian worker pause. Ask whether you are leaving your mark for eternity on those around you. It is not your preaching or teaching, your strength of will or power to influence, that will secure this. All depends on having your life full of God and His power. And that depends upon your living the truly branchlike life of abiding–close and unbroken fellowship with Christ. It is the branch that abides in Him that bears much fruit, fruit that will abide.
-Andrew Murray


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