6.17.15–>”Our Eldest Ripple Effector Has Gone to be With Jesus”

Jerry Hislip

Jerry Hislip, who at 77 was our most seasoned brother to attend our Ripple Effect group, went to be with our Lord Jesus two nights ago.

Though most of you do not know Jerry, I feel I cannot go without giving him a tribute in this forum.

He came to our group just a couple times last year when he was in town (from Vincennes) and able. But he made quite an impact. I know he had a lasting impact on me.

Jerry epitomized what The Ripple Effect is and stands for–seeking God first in utter simplicity. He gave all credit to God for everything good in his life, as well as saving him from a life of alcoholism. It was so incredibly inspiring to hear his story. He would always urge us to “just call on God” for anything we needed help with. God had worked in such a powerful and real way in his life that one could not argue with his very simple message.

We love to complicate things. Jerry showed us, humbly, the foolishness of this approach and the importance of simplicity. I so appreciated him and the short time I was able to spend with him. I consider it a most blessed gift.

What sticks out to me possibly even more than his simple approach to pursuing God was his beautiful gratitude for the privilege of attending this group of crazy dudes (“land of the misfits” I call us) as if we were doing him a huge favor, when in fact, it was Jerry who was greatly blessing all of us.

In all sincerity, I am a better man for having met and interacted with Jerry Hislip. Thank you, Lord YHWH, for putting him in my life for as long as you did.

God bless you, Jerry.

We love you.

In Jesus’ name. Amen

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