6.13.15–>”Everyday Christianity”

One of the most insidious dynamics in the modern church involves the bifurcation of life into two spheres, the sacred and secular. The life of the spirit and the life of the street, meant to be integrated, instead are ripped apart and thrown in different directions. Where this aberrant vision of the Christian life prevails, “church language” has the hollow thud of wordy noise rather than the ring of authenticity.

“When Christ-following truth is no longer spoken in street language, when it is no longer directed at street life, and when it no longer challenges men and women to live as Christ-followers in those streets, there is no longer a chance for real-world faith. People are tamed, learning how to act with deftness inside the religious institutions. But they do not learn how to live faithfully in the real world.”*

Real-world faith is replaced by a shallow substitute–a spiritual-looking, institutionalized religion that is completely irrelevant to everyday life. The vibrant, zesty fulness and realness of true Christianity is replaced by a tame spiritual vapidity that must be checked inside the door of the church lest it vaporize under the heat of the streets.

-from The NIV Application Commentary on Hebrews by George Guthrie

*Gordon MacDonald, Forging a Real-World Faith, 165


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