6.1.15–>”Nowhere Else To Go: Hebrews 10:26-31″

nowhere else to go


Hebrews 10:26-27

For if we sin deliberately and knowing after having received the knowledge of the truth, there is no further sacrifice for sin.

Instead, there is a fearful prospect of judgment, and a hungry fire which will consume the opponents. [KNT]

After reading several deep thinking, scholarly scholars’ examination of this passage (both ancient and modern), it is consistently clear what these somewhat frightening verses are conveying.

First off, what they do NOT mean–that if you sin after having received the truth of Christ, you are totally and eternally screwed. That of course would make no sense whatsoever within the context of the whole story of God in Scripture.

The “no further sacrifice” is key. What’s being communicated is that Jesus’ sacrifice is it. That’s as far as the path goes. There’s nothing beyond it. There is no other answer to our sin problem. So if you reject that answer, you have nowhere else to go. Try any other method, technique, or god, you will not find resting peace.

Turning to God is always a possibility. This passage is not speaking of the unpardonable sin.

Whatever we do, however heinous, we can keep coming back to Jesus. And there, we will find peace and rest, if we but believe and approach Him boldly, having faith in His open-aremed goodness.

Something in us wants to always try something new and different. It’s tough going back to the same old answer every time and feel He’s not tired of us.

I picture Jesus in one of two stances–hugging me, or open-armed, waiting to hug me.

Never do we see Him with arms folded, uninterested. That is the great lie we are told or we tell ourselves.


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