Twisting Scripture

2 Peter 3:15-16

Our beloved brother Paul has written to you about all this, according to the wisdom that has been given him, speaking about these things as he does in all his letters.

There are some things in them which are difficult to understand. Untaught and unstable people twist his words to their own destruction, as they do with the other scriptures.

Scripture is not ours to do with however we please.

Scripture is God’s to do with as God pleases.

Please make it your habit to always approach your reading of the Bible in utter humility, as is only appropriate. And in a posture of open listening, rather than with an eye to simply bolster what you already think.

As we mentioned yesterday with regard to Jesus, your relationship with God through Scripture can also stagnate, and you’ll cease being moved by it.

Oh how much damage has been done through the twisting of Scripture and claims of “ownership” over it!

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