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One Thing at a Time-Focus

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Luke 10:42

“Only one thing matters.”

Don’t you love it when God shows you the same thing from multiple places? Yesterday, in this meditation thingy, I mentioned the above passage and how it seems God asks or gives one thing at a time for us to do.Then last nite I decide to start reading my wonderful friend Beth Booram’s brand new book Starting Something New. In the introduction she quotes this passage (Luke 10:41-42) and how in most of the interpretations you hear, Martha takes a beating, but she goes on to say,
“I wonder if there’s another application to this story. Jesus is really suggesting that ‘there is only one thing worth being concerned about’ at a time, and if you discover that, it won’t be taken away from you. Mary was embodying the posture of a person who was aware of what was most important in that moment, and she focused on it. She was present. She was a single-tasker. Martha, on the other hand, was a multi-tasker, she was worried about and distracted by many things.”

As soon as I read that in bed I heard the Twilight Zone theme playing. “Hey, that’s exactly what I was thinking this morning,” I said to my geeky self.

I’ve been thinking so much lately about this simplicity and focus. We’re really talking about being single-minded and therefore, focused.

“Energy flows where attention goes.”

I believe God made us capable of so much! I like the way one author put it:

“God gave you one gift for your journey and one gift alone. He said: ‘My Son, remember, you can change your mind at any time.'”

Well, I have more to say, but I have to go upstairs and get the girls ready for school. To be continued.

Blessings upon you this 74 degree day that cometh!
(In Indy, not sure about Hawaii or Japan, sorry for those of you there)

In the Name of Jesus,
Soli Deo Gloria

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