3.13.15–>”Spectator vs. Participant”

Years ago, while attending College Park Church, one of the pastors said something that has always stayed with me:

“Spectators become critics. Participants become boosters.”

It was so convicting for just six words. It’s true, when you stay a mere spectator, be it at church, your kids’ school, whatever, you inevitably become more of a critic. Like those old guys from the Muppets up there in the picture, you never are part of the show. You just watch from afar judging it, criticizing it.

But when you get involved, and become part of the process, you become a supporter.* Why? Because you start to see what it really takes to run things. You move from “Serve me” to “Let me serve.” And you also partner in relationship to some degree, so you start to care more for the people in charge and don’t just view the organization as a lifeless entity, devoid of all heart. You start to realize it is made up of people with real lives, fears, and hopes just like you.

So if you find yourself becoming critical, start participating, and be the change you want to see.

Or shut up. Because people love nothing more than being told how to do their work by someone they’re not even in relationship with…

*I suppose it is possible to become a participating supporter in something that you discover to be truly toxic or messed up, but hey, isn’t that a much better way to go about it? I believe it to be for us Christians who are suppose to be loving the hell out of the world.

Always only for my King

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