So the other day I was counting up how many chapters there are in the entire New Testament out of a certain curiosity, and was excited to find the total to be 260–a number evenly divisible by 52! It comes out to five–how perfect is that?? One chapter a day, Monday through Friday, and you’ve gone through the New testament Canon in a year.

I’ve been desiring a rhythmic reading which covers more ground yet allows enough space for meaningful reflection, and I believe this is the one for me. Therefore, I thought it’d be fun, and hopefully encouraging, to share a short reflection on each chapter of the NT, as well as have a nice schedule for guest writers to riff from.

According to my calculations, had we started this at the beginning of the year, tomorrow would be the day for John 1. Perfect again!! My favorite book in all of Holy Scripture, and just in time for the first chapter. So if you’re up for it, let’s do this.

See you tomorrow!

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